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Growth or Value

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Growth vs. Value: annualized range of returns for the two strategies

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October 11, 2008 - S & P 500-stock index trading at about 13x projected 2009 earnings (lowest level in decades; Treasury bond paying < 4% interest); early 2000 - traded at about 30x earnings (highest level in history at height og technology bubble; Treasury bond paid 6% interest):


Investing Returns (1990-2009) - 8 Relative Asset Classes (industry-standard market indexes used as proxies for each asset class), ranked from best to worst: (blue = S&P 500, raspberry = S&P/Citi 500 Growth stocks, yellow = Russell 2000 Value, white = MSCI EAFE index of foreign stocks,  green = Barclays Capital Aggregate bond Index)


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