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February 22, 1775 - First U.S. joint stock company (to make cloth) offers shares at 10 cents per share.

July 18, 1974 - Morgan Stanley advised International Nickel Company (INCO, $1.5 billion in sales) on  $28/share ($157 million) bid for ESB (formerly Electric Storage Battery Company, battery maker, world's largest battery-maker, Philadelphia's 11th largest company, $400 million in sales, stock had closed at $19.50); attempt to diversify from cyclical nickel industry, smooth earnings; July 24, 1974 - INCO raised bid to $36/share; ultimately bid $41/share ($227 million); Goldman Sachs advised ESB (target company); first hostile-takeover bid for company, with no forewarning; first takeover contest initiated by major strategic buyer; diversification attempt failed; consumer goods company couldn't compete with Duracell, Eveready in development of long-life dry-cell batteries; 1981 - INCO divested ESB in four parts; lost more than $220 million.

October 4, 1979 - Salomon Brothers and Merrill Lynch co-underwrote a $1 billion IBM debt issue of 9.5% notes to finance new generation of computers (IBM, 20-year client, triple-A rated client of Morgan Stanley had asked that Morgan accept Salomon Brothers as co-manager of largest industrial offering in history; Morgan had a 'sole lead manager' policy, refused; IBM chose Salomon Brothers and Merrill Lynch to co-manage issue); beginning of end of relationship banking (Gentle Bankers Code) on Wall Street.

October 15, 1987 - Imperial Savings Association, subsidiary of Imperial Corp. of America, filed for $500 million shelf offering of medium-term collateralized notes through Drexel Burnham Lambert; first issuance of collateralized debt obligations (CDOs); one of California's largest savings institutions, industry's second-largest junk bond investor; February 23, 1990 - seized by the U.S. Government's Office of Thrift Supervision; June 22, 1990 - Resolution Trust Corporation became receiver; 1995 - CDO issuance rose to $5 billion; 2000 - rose to $80 billion (source: Moody's Investors Service).

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