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Gathering Assets, Selling Stocks, Generating Commissions.

(Lebenthal and Company), Jim Lebenthal with Bernice Kanner (2006). Confessions of a Municipal Bond Salesman. (Hoboken, NJ: Wiley, 226 p.). Chairman Emeritus and the Former President of Lebenthal and Company; Former "On Madison Avenue" columnist for New York Magazine. Lebenthal, Jim, 1928- ; Municipal bonds--United States; Brokers--United States--Biography. Learned the bond business from his mother, built family business into one of the best-known municipal bond firms in America.

(Loewen, Ondaatje, McCutcheon & Co. Ltd.), Christopher Ondaatje (2007). Power of Paper, The: A History, a Financial Adventure and a Warning. (New York, NY: HarperCollins, 240 p.). Founder of Canada's First Institutional Brokerage Firm (January 1, 1970). Ondaatje, Christopher; Finance--Social aspects; finance--capitalism. Debasement of finance, creation of credit and wealth backed only by paper - how paper built modern world, may destroy it; paper's significance, from production of first monetary notes (10th-century China) to today's business world.

(Stratton Oakmont), Jordan Belfort (2007). The Wolf of Wall Street. (New York, NY: Bantam/Dell, 526 p.). Former Head of Stratton Oakmont. Belfort, Jordan; Stockbrokers--New York (State)--New York--Biography; Securities industry--New York (State)--New York; Wall Street (New York, N.Y.). Prototype for the film 'Boiler Room'; ordinary guy went from hustling Italian ices at sixteen to making hundreds of millions to prison (22 months).

Susan Antilla (2002). Tales from the Boom-Boom Room: Women vs. Wall Street. (Princeton, NJ: Bloomberg Press, 342 p.). Women stockbrokers--New York (State)--New York; Sexual harassment of women--New York (State)--New York; Sexual harassment of women--Law and legislation--United States; Sex discrimination in employment--New York (State)--New York.

Anthony Bianco (1991). Rainmaker: The Saga of Jeff Beck, Wall Street's Mad Dog. (New York, NY: Random House, 486 p.). Beck, Jeffrey P.; Stockbrokers--United States--Biography.

Brutus, (aka John D. Spooner) (1971). Confessions of a Stockbroker. (Boston, MA: Little, Brown, 263 p.). Stockbroker. Wall Street; Stocks--United States.

Jacques Coe (1983). Fame, Fraud, and Fortune: Seventy-Four Years in Wall Street. (Smithtown, NY: Exposition Press, 242 p.). Coe, Jacques; Stockbrokers--United States--Biography; Wall Street--History.

Thomas J. Dorsey (1999). Thriving as a Broker in the 21st Century. (Princeton, NJ: Bloomberg Press, 255 p.). Stockbrokers.

Steven R. Drozdeck, Karl F. Gretz (1995). The Broker's Edge: How To Sell Securities in Any Market. (New York, NY: New York Institute of Finance, 352 p.). Selling--Securities; Stockbrokers.

Leo Y. Fleur (1966). Selling Securities Successfully. (Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, 204 p.). Brokers--United States.

ed. Brett Duval Fromson (1992). The Gaga Years: The Rise and Fall of the Money Game, 1981-1991. (Seacaucus, NJ: Carol Pub. Group, 374). Stockbrokers, Inside Trading.

Anonymous and Timothy Harper (1999). License To Steal: The Secret World of Wall Street Brokers and the Systematic Plundering of the American Investor. (New York, NY: HarperBusiness, 277 p.). Former Stockbroker (Anonymous) and Journalist (Harper). Stockbrokers--United States; Stockbrokers--Corrupt practices--United States; Investments--United States. 

Ron Insana (1996). Traders' Tales: A Chronicle of Wall Street Myths, Legends, and Outright Lies. (New York, NY: Wiley, 210 p.). CNBC Reporter. Floor traders (Finance)--United States; Stockbrokers--United States; Wall Street.

Andrew Lanyi (1992). Confessions of a Stockbroker: You, Too, Can Find Tomorrow's Blue Chips before Wall Street Finds Them. (New York, NY: Prentice-Hall, 274 p.). Stockbroker. Stockbrokers -- United States; Stock exchanges -- United States.

Edwin Lefevre (1984). The Making of a Stockbroker. (Burlington, VT: Fraser Pub. Co., 341 p. [orig. pub. 1925]). Lefevre, Edwin, 1871-1943; Stockbrokers--United States--Biography. S

Michael M. Lewis (1991). The Money Culture. (New York, NY: Norton, 282 p.). Brokers; Finance.

John Rolfe and Peter Troob (2000). Monkey Business: Swinging Through the Wall Street Jungle (New York,, NY: Warner Books, 273 p.). Rolfe, John; Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette, Inc.; Brokers--United States--Biography; Stock exchanges--United States; Stocks--United States.

John D. Spooner (1985). Sex and Money: Behind the Scenes with the Big-Time Brokers (Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin, 258 p.). Stockbrokers; Stocks.

John Train (1974). Dance of the Money Bees: A Professional Speaks Frankly on Investing (New York, NY: Harper & Row, 252 p.). Investments; Stockbrokers

Julia Montgomery Walsh in collaboration with Anne Conover Carson (1996). Risks and Rewards: A Memoir. (McLean, VA: EPM Publications, 216 p.). Walsh, Julia Montgomery; Stockbrokers--United States--Biography; Women in finance--New York (State)--New York--Biography.

Jennifer Wells (1991). The Pez: The Manic Life of the Ultimate Promoter. (Toronto, ON: Macfarlane Walter & Ross, 277 p.). Pezim, Murray; Vancouver Stock Exchange; Capitalists and financiers--British Columbia--Vancouver--Biography; Stockbrokers--British Columbia--Vancouver--Biography.

Richard D. Wyckoff (1968). Wall Street Ventures and Adventures through Forty Years (New York, NY: Greenwood Press, 313 p. [Reprint of 1930 ed.]).

Caitlin Zaloom (2006). Out of the Pits: Traders and Technology from Chicago to London. (Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press. Assistant Professor in the Department of Social and Cultural Analysis= (New York University). Stockbrokers.; Stock exchanges; Electronic trading of securities; Finance--Social aspects; Business anthropology. Implications of digital age on traders, brokers, market as a whole; how changes at world’s leading financial exchanges have transformed economic cultures, craft of speculation.

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