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November 28, 1914 - New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) reopens for bond trading after nearly four months, longest stoppage in exchange‚€™s history; outbreak of World War I in Europe forced the NYSE to shut its doors on July 31, 1914, after large numbers of foreign investors began selling their holdings in hopes of raising money for the war effort; world's financial markets closed by August 1. Trading of stocks didn‚€™t resume until December 12, 1914, when the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA)--the most important of various stock indices used to gauge market performance--suffered its worst percentage drop (24.39 percent) since it was first published in 1896. This precipitous fall underlined the risky nature of business during the first months of the war, when nobody knew exactly how long the conflict would last or exactly what role the then-neutral U.S. would eventually end up playing.

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